Snowhite Laundry – 50 years of professional laundry and dry-cleaning services


At Snowhite Laundry, the objective for the last fifty years has been to offer commercial laundry and dry-cleaning services that reflect the client’s needs.  Since its inception, Snowhite Laundry has successfully progressed from a small home-based operation to a large-scale commercial laundry and dry-cleaning company with a workforce of up to eighty employees, working on a two-shift basis Monday to Saturday.

An independent, family-owned and operated company, Snowhite Laundry offers stability and continuity with 50 years of uninterrupted service to clients.  A quick look at the Snowhite Laundry client list shows that the company works with Malta’s leading establishments in a variety of sectors that including healthcare, hospitality and catering. 

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50 years of professional laundry and dry-cleaning services

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